O Nas

We are growing as a founder financed company since 2013. We have provided products and services to variety of companies on the local market – major banks, retailers and other service providers.

The key objectives to our work are:
– Optimization of sales and delivery processes
– Introduction of new strategic distribution channels in sales
– Project delivery in hardware as a service model including rev share models

Based in Warsaw, Poland we employ a team of over 20 people with competences in area of 3D designing, IT programming, sales, marketing and project management.

Julian Kozankiewicz

Co-founder and president of NoaTech. Entrepreneur. Co-founder of the seriatim.foundation, which, among others, supports initiatives based on the ideas of partnership, trust and knowledge sharing. Examples are TEDx conferences www.tedxwarsaw.com and Mediators Association www.mediatory.pl.

Michał Czechowski

Co-founder and Member of the Board of NoaTech. Michał is responsible for self-service solutions, developing business relationships and innovative technology solutions. He has worked in the field of self-service solutions for over a decade. Michał holds an Executive MBA degree.

We support the seriatim.foundation by providing operational and financial assistance. A good example of projects implemented or supported by the foundation are TEDx Warsaw events, plebiscite mediators or the Mobility Poland Congress.


” Small module, great capabilities.” In response to customer demand we have created a Retail Box, a product that optimizes the sales process, allowing our customers to focus on customer service instead of cash handling. Administrative processes, such as accepting cash or issuing receipts are executed automatically, so the customer is served better. See more

Product Distribution

“Give the possibility of self-service in every area”. We have developed first in market Propane Tank Vending solution. The machine is split into two parts:
gas cylinder compartments and a separate electronic control module, which is responsible for the monitoring of the compartements, communication with the central server and cylinder verification. It allows customers to exchange an
empty gas cylinder for a new/full one with a payment option.


Since 2014 we have been working with SwipBox in Polish market. We provide business development, location acquisition and maintenance services. SwipBox is a service, simplifying parcel delivery process and optimizing the “last mile” cost of delivery for the end user. The system is compatible with all courier companies on the market. SwipBox parcel stations are placed in local shops near you. Now you can buy fresh bread for breakfast and pick up goods from your favorite e-shop in an easy and convenient way.
For more information visit www.swipbox.pl